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Engine ServicingEngine Servicing

EasyKart engines whether 100cc or 125cc have a very good running life between services. It is quite normal not to service the engine until 15 to 20 hours have been completed. ACR's engine department offer a comprehensive service centre dedicated to the EasyKart engines.

A full rebuild including Piston and ring, piston pin, L/end bearing, con rod, crank pin, b/end bearing, oil seals, main bearings, gasket set, reed petals, 11t sprocket, clutch t/washers; plus strip and rebuild, honing and crank balance labour works out at approx £340.00 + VAT.

A full rebuild for the Easy 60 is £260.00 + VAT.

The clutch hub on EasyKart is very strong and can last up to 30 hours, the clutch hub is priced at £65.00 + VAT and can be included in a full service but our advice is to monitor its wear and replace only when nesscarry.

Turnaround for an engine service is normally 3 to 5 days and engines can be collected and returned at an EasyKart race. Otherwise ACR offer a courier service for collection and return of engines (contact ACR for a quote).



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